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Three things we get asked most….

When people are first curious about coming along to FEAST there are many things they consider.

Often sparked by the headlines they feel excited and continue to dig deeper.

They see great workshops and awesome facilitators.

A beautiful venue and delicious food.

They take in the images of people connecting, learning and belonging.

And check the dates, location and the practicalities of it all.

They feel excited and enthusiastic.

And then….other questions emerge.

Who will be there?

Will I be different and feel like I don’t belong?

Will I need to get naked and have to participate in everything?

Will I have choice?

What if it is all too much….??!!

People often reach out to us with these types of questions and honestly, we love it!


Because they are taking the time to sit with, ponder and really feel into what is supportive for them.

These are valid and important questions and ones we are always happy to answer.

Part of consent is having all the information to begin with.

So, can you guess what people ask us most?

Question Number One:

Do I have to get naked?

Great question. And one that concerns many people. After all there is often an unspoken assumption that naked equals sex in our culture.

Unlike many European countries, where naked equals naked!!

But jokes aside, the answer is no.

People are in all states of dress and undress at FEAST across the weekend.

You are welcome to wear as many or as few clothes as you feel to.

Any variations of dress and undress are fine.

What is more important is that you pause for a moment and notice for yourself how many pieces of clothing you would like to keep on or off and then do that.

Number Two question:

Do I have a choice about participating in the activities?

Yes, absolutely, always.

One of the most important things about FEAST is that you slow down, notice and choose from a place of authentic embodied consent.

There are many ways to participate including sitting outside of the activity, watching with others permission, going off to the creek, joining a cuddle puddle or taking a nap if you so choose.

All these things count as participating.

What is more important than doing everything is taking the time to notice what you really want and making that choice.

FEAST is essentially a three day practice in slowing down, checking in with yourself and honouring your desire.

Question Number Three:

This is my first time attending anything like this. Is it for me?

Pretty much everyone who has ever stepped foot inside a workshop or event of this nature has felt some sense of initial nervousness or fear – us included.

It is really normal to feel like this.

It just means you are on a learning edge, doing something new and different and your body is letting you know that.

Our bodies are incredible in how they support us in this way.

You can feel the jitters of nervousness and also the expansiveness of possibility at the same time.

And the best part of all is that all of our nervousness and everything else we feel over FEAST is warmly welcome.

FEAST is facilitated in a way that gently supports you to go at your own pace with never an expectation to do anything you do not want to do.

We co-create a container of safety that sets the scene for connection and care for each other right from the beginning.

This creates an embodied and meaningful start for us all and allows us to begin to relax, arrive and most of all learn, play and laugh together.

We are constantly humbled by the calibre and integrity of people who chose to come along to FEAST and their capacity to trust, welcome and support each other in the space.

It truly is a precious thing.

So, there you have it.

Are three most asked questions.

We are sure there are many more so please reach out. We love hearing from you.

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