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Deciding if FEAST is for you...

Not sure if you are coming or going?

Curious but sitting on the fence?

Making a decision to come to FEAST or not can lead us down the garden path of much uncertainty…

And no one wants to be stuck there!

Never fear…we are here to help!

We brainstormed some of the key things that many people consider when making a decision come to FEAST or not.

So here goes…

BTW…If the clarity to your uncertainty is not found here, please reach out.

We are always happy to spend time emailing or chatting with you.

Uncertainty number 1: I am worried about coming on my own. Will I feel like the odd one out or feel pressured to pair up with people I don’t want to be with? Help!!

Many of our participants come to FEAST solo. In fact, the majority of people either know no one or very few people.

At least to begin with.

It can feel really daunting to come to something like FEAST on your own.

We know that’s true. We have been there ourselves.

So, we are very committed to do all we can to make everyone’s landing gentle and support you each step of the way as needed.

We have a team of warm and welcoming people who will let you know exactly what to do and where to go as soon as you arrive.

We have support people and friendly faces available to simply have a chat or check in, right across the whole weekend.

Everyone is included in our spaces and no one is left out.

We put a lot of time and thought into this as we know how important it is.

Our program starts with time to settle and arrive as well as a two-hour workshop that sets the scene to meet and connect with others, understand our container of consent and give you plenty of ideas on how to participant and learn.

So, if you are coming solo or are new to FEAST, please know it won’t be long before you feel a sense of belonging and connection among friends.

Pondering number 2: I am worried that there will be an expectation to always join in. What if I need time out?

If there is one thing we are NOT about, it is forcing or putting expectations on people to do, be or behave in a particular way.

One of the most important things we invite all our participants to do, is slow down; notice and honour what feels good and most aligned for you.

This is often a deep and pivotal learning for many people. Particularly as we live in a world of forced agendas and expectations around sex.

FEAST is an opportunity to build your ability to notice and honour what you truly desire.

To support that we create many options to choose from and move between. There are three strands of ongoing workshop. Places to sit and chat. Cuddle puddles to pile onto. Or a creek to wade in, on your own.

You can choose in any moment where you want to be, who you want to be with and what you want to do.

Day or night, we are all about choice and creating supportive options that allow you to ramp up or rest quietly.

Hmmm…ok that all sounds good but I am worried that I won’t know as much as others and end up look silly.

This is one of the most common fears held by many coming along for the first time to FEAST.

Our minds often get carried away with these types of scenarios and fears.

Truth is though, we actually want people to be in their ‘not knowing’ and welcome their curiosity, newness and desire to discover. Wherever they are at in their journey. Z

We are Somatic Sex Educators.

We facilitate opportunities for people to grow and learn.

And honestly, we love to walk alongside curious people who are willing to not know, be clunky and explore.

Yes, some people will have more experience in spaces like FEAST.

However, what is more valuable than the number of times you have been to these types of events, is your ongoing curiosity, willingness to be present and learn.

There is such a liberation in this.

And a whole bunch of fun to be had.

Ok great. So how about logistics…I also need to think this through practically.

Yes, absolutely.

We want to make your FEAST journey as easeful and nourishing as possible.

So in the spirit of supporting you to truly relax and enjoy, we have all your meals sorted, a bus to delivery you to the venue and home again, and comfortable choices of accommodation that allow for you to be solo, amongst others or sharing with another.

We have chartered a bus to take you and your luggage from either Brisbane airport or Roma Street directly to the venue.

So connection with others and peace of mind to arrive on time is all taken care of before you even get to us.

There is plenty of space for luggage and you can book a return ticket to take you back home again when it is all over.

Save money on fuel.

Save time and effort on finding your way.

And know we will be ready and waiting to welcome and support you to settle as you arrive.

We also have a great menu lovingly crafted by our wonderful caterer Emily and her team.

She was with us last year and knows us well.

Any dietary needs are not a problem and the food is delicious, healthy and deeply nourishing.

Snacks are always available and we will even have a gorgeous coffee van onsite to ensure no one misses out of a morning coffee on the grass.

A reminder also, that camping tickets include a car pass. So, no need to lug camping gear onto the bus if you don’t want to.

Anything else on your mind?

I remember the first time I went to a sexuality event.

I was so excited….. and so nervous all rolled into one.

I almost turned back.

Thank God I didn’t.

That was years ago now and I have not looked back since.

Not even once.

It changed my life.

I remember exactly how I was greeted and welcomed.

The attentiveness and care shown to me.

And most of all….how I grew and changed by taking that first step.

May FEAST 2023 be the beginning of such a wonderous journey for you also.

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