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Our Core

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At the core of FEAST is

Our Values & Intentions

All our offerings are grounded in the values of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusivity and consent.

All people are deserving of love and acceptance.

From our organisational structures right down to a participant's experience in a workshop activity; empowered enthusiastic consent is central to the work we do.

We celebrate and seek to create diversity; in our content, participants, locations and everything that is a part of the FEAST community.


We strive to create spaces that are inclusive for people of any gender, identity, body type, race, cultural heritage, ability and sexual preference.

We create and honour human connection and community.

Our events invite erotic discovery, ritual and elevated learning with the intention to deepen the curiosity and embodiment of everyone involved.

We create a place of belonging, celebration and unlimited possibility that is ultimately paradigm shifting.

Meet The Team

The Story of  FEAST

FEAST - the Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation was brought to life through members of the Sexological Bodywork community in 2016. Their shared desire to offer further education and connection to the public seeded the SexBod Collective who were responsible for creating and upholding the values of FEAST and organising this festival annually.


Their vision was to see a shared model that could expand into festivals held by community members all over the country, offering the public further access to the gifts of the Sexolgical Bodywork modality. In early 2020 the guardianship of FEAST was passed on to Susan, Jordan and Deej to expand somatic sex education events across the land.

The global challenge that Covid19 has posed to our communities has shown how FEAST events are needed and wanted more than ever. The year of 2021 was a time of refocusing, planting seeds and planning for more flexible and dynamic ways of offering this work. During 2021 we ran a number of  "bite-sized" events for groups of 30-40 people to grow this community and continue working towards our annual 3 day festival.


In 2022 we finally brought you a full 3 day festival which informed our new annual format. We will continue running smaller events to tickle your taste buds and connect you to this amazing community in the lead-up to the annual festival. So if you want to join this community or you're keen to stay connected then keep an eye on our website for the latest dates and details.

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Our Collaborators

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