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About the Festival

The only residential fully catered sexuality festival in Australia and the only festival in the world that is facilitated exclusively by Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.

We are suuuper excited to be bringing you FEAST, a juicy jam packed 3 night residential, fully catered festival in the lush sub tropics of New South Wale's Border Ranges. The Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation is a joyful celebration of Eros that facilitates expansion and transformation, empowering, nourishing and honouring our community and all those involved.


FEAST offers an abundance of highly engaging, fun and practical workshops with some of Australia’s best Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators.

There are multiple streams of workshops and activities running each day from morning until late into the evening.

FEAST is a welcoming community, offering heartfelt connection and a place of belonging to erotic explorers of all kinds.

Sexpert Facilitators

We are bringing together some of Australia's leading and most progressive facilitators in sexuality, embodiment and pleasure.

All presenters at this festival are Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators.  This creates a unified sense of holding, language and ethical practice for you to enjoy.

Apply to be a facilitator here >

Inclusive Community

FEAST celebrates and uplifts your unique identity, qualities and life experience.

We believe that a thriving community needs diversity and are committed to creating space where all kinds of people can feel safe and find belonging.

Check out out our statement of action for inclusion of gender diverse, trans and intersex folk.

Everything taken care of

We want you to focus on soaking up all the joy, pleasure and learning available to you over this weekend. 

That's why your ticket includes a choice of quality accommodation and all your meals and snacks. 

Ticket prices vary to maximize choice and budget requirements.

Buy your tickets and check out options for accommodation and other inclusions here >




  • Important Dates
    The festival runs from the evening of Thursday 23rd, through to the evening of Sunday 26th November 2023. Participants are required to arrive on Thursday afternoon prior to our opening ceremony and dinners. These details and more will be provided and confirmed (after you purchase a ticket) via email, closer to the event.
  • The Program
    The festival program is made up of 3 streams of workshops running in separate areas from mid morning through to early evening. At nights there are a variety of fun, connective and entertaining community spaces. There is a range in the workshop content and intensity so that people of all experience levels have a place to learn and enjoy. Further details on the program and facilitators are available closer to the event.
  • What you need to prepare
    Full details on our suggestions of how to prepare and what to bring will be emailed to you closer to the event, after you purchase a ticket.
  • Will single day tickets be available?
    No. FEAST is a residential event and participants are asked to stay for the three days / two nights together.
  • Getting there
    Limited parking is available at the venue, so we are encouraging you to car pool as much as possible. We are providing a Facebook group to assist the community in networking and arranging carpooling. If there is significant demand (due to participants flying interstate etc.) then we will arrange a community shuttle for anyone who would like to pay for return transport to and from the airport, before and after the festival.
  • About the venue
    FEAST 2023 is being held in a lush rain forest retreat in the Border Ranges of Northern NSW. This venue is situated on 200 acres of vibrant bush land, surrounded by grassing clearings and a beautiful flowing creek for refreshing swims. To assist in creating safety for our participants we provide the location name and address after you have booked a ticket. This venue offers an amazing range of accommodation options at affordable prices. Check out the details below.
  • Twin Share
    Our Organiser's Favourite are the Twin Share Rooms. You can book these rooms with a partner or friend at a "discounted doubles" rate and have the space to yourselves. There are fully equipped bathrooms next door to every room - 1 bathroom between 2 rooms. These will also be made accessible to some of the campers. You can request the beds be arranged as a queen or two singles. A single bed can also be booked in these rooms and you can request to be put with a friend who has/will purchase a ticket separately. If booking solo, you will automatically be allocated a roommate.
  • Dorms
    There are a number of light filled dorm rooms available that have their own internal bathroom, including separate toilet. Most rooms have a capacity of approximately 10 people however, we will only be booking 5-6 beds in each room so that you have a bit more breathing and luggage space. There will be Vulva Only and Penis Only dorm rooms. If you would like to be in an allocated room please note this on your booking form. If you don't specify an allocation when booking, we will find you a comfy bed in any of these rooms.
  • Camping
    There are a number of beautiful camp sites surrounding the buildings of the venue. Campers have access to the Twin Share building bathrooms and depending on numbers there will also be additional portable toilets and showers provided. Campers are responsible for supplying all gear and bedding necessary to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay.
  • Catering
    The name FEAST sets a precedent and we well and truly intend to live up to the name. We recognise that delicious and beautiful meals can offer a special place to connect as community. All main meals will be included in your ticket price from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. For those booking an extra night on Sunday, dinner and a light breakfast will be included in the fee. If you have dietary requirements or allergies (including being vegetarian or vegan) then please note them in the relevant place on your booking form, so our caterer can plan the menu suitably. There will also be tea and snack stations set up around the venue to keep you topped up.
  • Who is FEAST for?
    FEAST creates learning spaces for curious human beings over 18 years of any gender, sexual orientation, body type or genital configuration who are interested in expanding their knowledge of embodied sexuality. Participants to our events range in age from early 20’s to people in their 70’s. FEAST is a warm and welcoming community where the richness of diversity is not only valued but deeply appreciated.
  • I have never attended ANYTHING like this before. Is it for me?
    YES! FEAST events are created to offer benefit and learning to people at all stages on their journey of sexual discovery. In each workshop you are encouraged to go at your own pace and participate to the level that feels comfortable for you. Choice is paramount to all that we offer and do.
  • Is this event inclusive for all sexualities and gender expressions?
    YES. We are committed to creating safe, inclusive spaces that are free from assumptions about people’s gender or orientation and our intention is that all activities are accessible for everyone. You are invited to show up in whatever is your unique expression, regardless of how you identify and whomever you are attracted to. Read our Gender Inclusivity Statement.
  • What do you actually do to make it a safe and inclusive space for gender diverse folk?
    We acknowledge that as a gender diverse person you may experience marginalisation and exclusion in life where others don't. In an effort to make our spaces more inclusive and welcoming for you we are committed to offering extra care and support if you need or want it. Have a look at our gender inclusivity statement, to read about what action we already take at our events to make them safe and inclusive for you.
  • What about different levels of physical ability?
    We strive to make our workshops accessible to people with a range of physical abilities. If you have any particular needs to be accommodated please let us know when you register for an event so we can discuss how to support you.
  • Do I have to participate in all of the activities?
    No. Each participant is encouraged to participate according to their level of comfort and energy. You may love doing everything or you may want to sit out and just watch for some or most of the event. We value and support any way you choose to participate (or not) and work to provide various options for any given activity.
  • Do I need to do partnered exercises of a sexual nature?
    Sexual contact with others is not a requirement of the workshops nor the intention. Each workshop has a specific learning objective designed to expand your awareness and skill level in the subject matter being shared. All activities are optional and you will be encouraged to approach each process from a place of authentic consent.
  • What is the difference between Sexual and Erotic?
    Sexual drive can often be directed toward the aims of orgasm and romantic connection with another. Our erotic energy underlies the sexual charge. It is the buzz of life force felt through the whole body which exists independently of orgasm and connection with another. FEAST events provide a valuable opportunity to explore our erotic energy outside the confines of the usual partner-oriented, attraction drive social context in which we may usually explore our sexuality. This can enable us to deepen our awareness of our bodies and emotions.
  • Will there be someone to check in with if I’m feeling a little challenged?
    Yes, depending on what kind of event you are attending there will either be designated emotional support people and/or a co-facilitator for you to speak with at any time. And, we would love you to come and check in with us even if you are not feeling particularly challenged.
  • Will there be nudity?
    Many of our events are clothing optional, at times that means full nudity is welcome, at other times we may say underwear needs to stay on. Our main priority is that each participant remains fully within their own consent and boundaries, while also remaining open to new experiences - that sweet spot is where all the learning happens! All of our processes can be done with some, all or no clothing removed. Remember, your choice and sense of what is best for you is the most important. There is nothing you have to do in any of our spaces. We offer you this option because a lot of shame can be carried in our clothes and how we choose to cover our bodies, we welcome and celebrate you, fully, as you are.
  • What does ‘somatic’ mean?
    Much like ‘embodied’, somatic means ‘of the body’ or physical.
  • What does 'embodied' mean?
    Embodied simply means 'in the body'. Very often, learning can happen in the mind through reading information, processing it and aligning it with other ideas or experiences that may already be stored in the brain. Embodied learning shifts the focus to the body and uses it as a source of information to guide our learning. We can increase our awareness of our bodies by asking questions such as: "What am I feeling in my body right now?" "Is this learning experience leading to a sense of expansion or contraction in my body and how would I like to respond to that?" Being more embodied empowers us to take responsibility for our own bodies, pleasure and well-being, in relationship both with ourselves and others.
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