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Gender Inclusivity Statement

FEAST statement of action for inclusion of gender diverse, trans and intersex folk

Two of the core values of the FEAST community are inclusivity and diversity. To that end we are committed to creating safer spaces for trans, gender diverse and intersex people. That means that we take certain practical steps to ensure the environment and culture of any FEAST offering is set up in alignment with our values.

Some examples of these steps to create solid foundations are:

  • Communicating through our languaging and processes that sex, sexuality and gender are diverse, not binary, experiences.

  • Giving all participants an opportunity to share their pronouns and identities of choice early in the process of coming together.

  • We don’t split up groups or pair people based on gender.

  • We believe and teach that erotic learning can happen between all genders. We work outside of the paradigm of attraction, meaning you don’t need to be sexually attracted to the person you’re working with to have a meaningful learning experience.

  • We welcome and uplift unique anatomical identity.  That is to say that we celebrate unique sex configurations and do not assume that anyone’s experience of their anatomy is the same as anyone else’s.

  • Ensuring we have non-gendered toilets at our venues.

  • All our events have a dedicated support person should you need assistance or experience any challenges.

  • We will seek feedback from you about your experience after the event so we can learn how to support you better.

  • We know it is not the job of minority groups to educate others, so we actively disseminate important knowledge through our work to the broader community  and we ask the assistance of all community members to help co-create the safety and connection of each space by making an effort to look after each other.


We are human so sometimes we make mistakes or miss something.  We wish to provide a continuum of care where mistakes can be learned from and feedback and suggestions contribute to implementing positive change.


We acknowledge that as guardians of the FEAST community it is our responsibility to hold a strong and clear foundation of inclusivity and diversity in our values and actions. As such, we invest in our ongoing education around inclusivity.  

We see you, we support you, we celebrate you.

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