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Learn by Doing

The FEAST Facilitator Mentorship Program
will open for applications in August 2024.





Facilitator Mentorship Program

Part of FEAST’s mission is to provide development pathways for recent graduates or practitioners who have limited group work experience in the Sexological Bodywork profession.

The FEAST Facilitator Mentorship Program offers you highly valuable practical guidance, professional development and workshop facilitation experience in a unique way.

It can be challenging for new facilitators to gain experience and confidence when first starting out - having to juggle both the delivery and promotion required to offer workshops to the general public. Through this program you get to create, plan and deliver a workshop of your choosing to FEAST’s highly engaged participants. We take care of the numbers and logistics and with the personalised support of your Mentor you get to maximise your learning and development in workshop creation and delivery.

Application Preconditions

You must meet the following conditions before your facilitator application can be accepted.

  • Hold a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork.

  • Hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance for your practice or be able to obtain it.

Your Investment

As a mentee you need to be able to contribute & commit to the following:

  • 1x 90min workshop.

  • 5 hours of volunteer work in another area of the festival.

  • Arrive on site by 10.30am on Thursday 22nd May and stay for the entire festival.

  • Align with, agree to and uphold the FEAST Core Values and Festival Terms and Agreements.

  • $950 program fee.
What You Receive

Through this program you receive:

  • Fully inclusive ticket to FEAST with dorm accommodation and
    9 catered meals.

  • Exposure of you and your business alongside other well known professionals

  • 1x 75-90min pre-festival preparation & mentoring session.

  • Your mentor attends your workshop and debriefs with you directly afterwards.

  • 1x 60-75min reflection, learning and integration session with your Mentor after the festival

  • Belonging and connection with an amazing team of skilled professional peers.

The Mentee Facilitator Experience

As a mentee facilitator at FEAST 2025 you have a unique opportunity to receive personalised guidance in your professional development and grow your confidence through belonging to an amazing team that holds this transformative event.

We invest significant energy and love into building a closely connected, joyous and aligned team. We know that when those of us that stand at the core of the festival are solid and supported, it will flow out and create a high quality, transformative experience for the entire community.

Working as a solo facilitator and practitioner can feel lonely and challenging at times. The inspiration, momentum and nourishment that is gained from being on the FEAST team is highly valuable, especially when starting out.

Business Guidance

Program Add On - $300

As a new practitioner in the somatic sexuality profession it can feel intimidating and overwhelming to know what first steps to take.

Without proper support, you can often lose momentum and waste time overthinking what you should do next rather than gaining experience and credibility and refining your business along the way.

This optional extra is designed to support you to get in touch with what lights you up and what the most effective and easy next steps could be to launch you into this industry.

This could include, but is not limited to exploring 1 of the following:

  • What kind of work you want to focus on or specialise in.

  • Support structures to assist development and momentum.

  • Setting up important business structures like ABN, accounting, booking systems and client records etc.

  • Crafting structure and language of core offering/s.

What You Receive

This add on includes:

  • An extra 60min pre-festival business guidance and promotion consultation session to help brainstorm how you can harness the momentum of FEAST to launch your Sexology business.

  • An extra 30min post-festival follow up and implementation support session.

  • Promotion of any of your other programs/workshops/session offers through the FEAST
    mailing list for 4 months after the festival.

Meet Your Mentors

Uma Furman and Jordan Hackett are our two mentors this year and will be supporting one student each. They are both highly skilled group work facilitators and bring unique knowledge and passion to their mentoring.

There are only two spaces available in the 2025 program and they are filled on a first in first served basis.

Uma Furman Profile_edited.jpg

Uma Furman she/her

Co-Director of the Institute of Somatic Sexology & Sexological Bodyworker

Uma brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and heart to her mentoring. She has well over a decade of professional experience as a somatic sexologist and has studied widely in the teachings of classic & neo-tantra, Taoism, sexual shamanism and of course Sexological Bodywork.

Uma is a Co-Director of the Institute of Somatic Sexology where she has been training somatic sexology professionals for 8 years.

Uma is passionate about supporting facilitators to develop their skills, confidence & creativity in group work facilitation.

She is highly encouraging, supportive and deeply attuned to the needs and growth of her students.

For more info on Uma or the Institute click the links.


Jordan Hackett he/they

Co-Organiser of FEAST & Sexological Bodyworker

Jordan brings a wealth of passion, creativity and experience to his mentoring. He has been a somatic sexologist and group work facilitator for 5 years and has extensive experience in men's rites of initation work.

Jordan is a Co-Organiser of FEAST where he has been facilitating and producing high quality educational and experiential sexuality events for several years.

Jordan is passionate about supporting new practitioners and facilitators to harness the momentum of FEAST to launch and/or grow their work as a somatic sexuality professional.

He is playful, inspiring, creative and heartfelt. Jordan brings awareness, insight and fierce support to his students process.

For more info on Jordan head to his website.

The Program Process

  1. You submit an expression of interest.

  2. You are interviewed by our mentors, Uma and Jordan.

  3. If we all agree that this program is a good match then you are paired with a mentor.

  4. You begin planning your workshop - including name & description (submitted asap for the program), core focus/content, intended outcomes for participants and a facilitation runsheet and send drafts to your mentor at least 2 months before the festival. The mentor provides preliminary feedback and asks any questions where they need more detail.

  5. 6-8 weeks before the festival you have your online preparation session with your Mentor.

  6. Optional Add On - Business Guidance and promotional consultation session.

  7. You attend the festival as a facilitator - including arriving by 10.30am on Thursday 23rd November to complete the team weaving and landing process.

  8. You deliver your workshop which your Mentor attends and supports you with however you both decide best serves your process.

  9. Immediately or soon after your workshop (same day) your mentor does an initial debrief of the workshop with you for 20-30mins.

  10. Within 1-3 weeks after the festival you complete your reflection, learning and integration session with your Mentor.

  11. Optional Add On - Business Guidance follow up and implementation session.

  12. Optional Add On - Promotion of your offerings through the FEAST mailing list for 4 months.

Apply for 2023 Facilitator Mentorship Program
What is your core area/s of focus for this program?

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