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How Eros Heals

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The world is a crazy place right now.

Between war, the referendum, money worries…many of us feel swamped by tragedy and challenge.

We find allowing the depth and breadth of this information in, simply overwhelming.

It is too much to absorb.

Too much to fathom.

Simply too much…

To cope we switch off, check out and numb ourselves.

In the process of survival, we also incidentally numb to much of the goodness and juicy abundance of life.

And we sink deeper.

We close off.

Protect ourselves rather than connect.

One of the ways we find so useful in not losing ourselves to the overwhelm is to intentionally shift and connect to the aliveness in our bodies and connection of community.

We wake up from the fatigue and weariness by altering our state through the body and intentionally connect to pleasure.

We find the tiniest threads of wonder and with curiosity follow them.

We do this alone and together.

Some days the threads are harder to find.

Subtle and quietly hidden in the cervices of the fingers or tip of a tongue across the lips.

Some days threads unravel with ease as the breeze whips around the skin and tickles the nostrils.

When we consciously and intentionally wake up to the aliveness in our tissues, cells, bones and skin, the world becomes a little more easeful.

When we reach out and find welcoming warmth amongst others, the challenged is shared and the aloneness muted.

It all becomes a little less overwhelming.

And we re-member the glorious abundance of life force surging through us all.

This we call Eros.

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