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FEAST is a Lasagne - The Gift of Shared Humanity

At times of need, valued friends of my extended family bring us Lasagne.

It is a gesture of care and love and is by no means an ordinary meal.

They are Italian and the gift of this meal is imbued with the flavours and traditions of generations.

In every bite is deep nourishment that sinks into the echoes of our grateful bellies.

The aroma alone, fills us with anticipation and opens our hearts with gratitude.

You see, making this Lasagne is an art.

An act of love, care and generosity.

It symbolises community and support through food and time spent.

A gesture offered in the spirit of shared experiences of grief, sadness and joy.

Its layers are delicately placed in amongst rich sauces and flavours.

It is baked in a specially made oven in Nonna’s huge baking dish.

Its size is abundant and the generosity of it feeds us for days.

I am so thankful for each Lasagne gift I have received from this loving family.

Its nourishment has carried me and those I love through some of our greatest heart aches and happiness.

FEAST too is a Lasagne.

Not one of the culinary kind.

But rather an intentional layering of richness, generosity and diverse flavours handed down through the wisdom of Teachers and Elders.

Our container is one of care and connection to Earth and Country.

Our baking is an allowing and honouring of emerging and authentic selves.

We FEAST of the rich flavours of diversity in a sauce that binds us all together.

We gently simmer and sometimes boil.

We add a little seasoning here or there and each layer makes the next even more delicious.

And when the meal is over, we savour its deep nourishment and lick our fingers for every last morsel.

Many caring and committed hands make FEAST and it is our gift of generosity and care to you.

One of the greatest causalities of our times is the loss of our true connection to our shared humanity.

In communities such as FEAST, together, we begin this much needed repair.

Will you join us at the table and FEAST?

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