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Vida has worked in the adult field for 15+ years. As a sex professional Vida works with clients who wish to explore their eroticism, through kink and slutiness, emotional intimacy, embodiment practice or conscious communication.


Mud Pleasure Ritual

You are invited to explore the pleasure of mud. Its sticky, richness, playful muckyness, its humility and mysticism! During this ritual you will experience yourself sensually as a part of this substance, emerging transformed with wisdom and revelry of the mud.

This Ritual will take place outside and will involve getting mud on our bodies
Expect movement, play and exploration as we become mud pleasure beings.

You were once mud, and mud you will become again.

Slutterflies the ritual

Slutterflies: the Ritual is a two-hour secular, somatic workshop of erotic play and storytelling.

Since the birth of the universe, atoms of stardust have dispersed and come together, through inexorable processes of creation and eroticism, forming and reforming over billions of years.

Now, they come together to form our human, somatic, erotic bodies.
Join us in this transformative experience and emerge empowered with the immortal history of your slutty, infinite self.

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