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I foster nourishing relationships with ourselves and others where sex, touch, pleasure, play and embodied consent are valued, and all bodies are cherished.

As a queer older person, (cis, she/her, trans-inclusive feminist) much of my work connects to wellbeing for queer-hearted and queer-bodied people, and for people exploring beyond restrictive roles, binaries and social structures.

As a white person, I am in constant un-learning and new-learning to dismantle the effects of personal and generational racism and colonisation, to work with care and accountability.

I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a Certified Facilitator and a Trainer in the Wheel of Consent®, and have been a registered nurse for thirty-nine years, mostly in sexual health/HIV, and LGBTIQA+ health. I work with individuals, couples, thruples and groups; online and in-person.


Daring Desire

Do you know and honour what you really want? Can you ask for it and then delight in all its deliciousness?

Begin this festival by waking up your sensuality; feeling and following pleasure, and honouring yourself and others skillfully in the process.

By noticing, valuing, and trusting desires, you can have the courage to ask for what you want, and feel safe enough to receive, and give.

Whether you are here at FEAST with lovers or others, or have arrived solo, this workshop sets the scene to bring your whole self to the weekend; with sensuality, awareness of your desires and limits, and in full embodied choice.


Celebrating the beauty of our unique bodies, and the abundance of our collective bodies.

What stories does your body tell?
Stories of...
- strength, sorrow, curiosity, pride, delight, ecstasy, hilarity, tenderness, ordinariness
- transitions, shocks, realisations, struggles, surprises, emergence, memory, moments, eras
- body-parts, body-scapes, places internal and external, felt, smelt, tasted, heard, seen, imagined, dreamt or known.

Reflect, savour, be in story. Be audience to the wonderous BodyStories of others; an honouring and witnessing of each other, ourselves, and the stories offered.

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