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Laura-Doe is an award-winning somatic sex educator, comedienne, singer/songwriter and founder of the yOniversity. She works internationally using humour, song and science to help people connect with the wisdom and pleasure within their amazing bodies.

Laura-Doe created the Vulvalicious Cushions, beautiful anatomically accurate art pieces to help educate about the elegant design of the vulva owner’s arousal anatomy. She also wrote and performs a one woman comic cabaret called ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’.

Her current projects include The Happy Pelvis Project, an online programme teaching her signature system of pelvic floor wellness practices, yOnilates.


Older, Wiser, Sexier!

Let's explore and embody some of the awesome things that living longer brings to our experience of sex.

As the urgency of hormone driven sex abates, we could see it as a loss or as an opportunity. It might give us space to explore more subtlety in our sensations and in our ways of connecting pleasurably with ourselves and others.

Heart led eroticism may look very different to sex which is genitally focused. Letting go of goals and enjoying the journey can bring us to a whole other way of relating intimately.

In some traditions sex is considered as a catalytic energy, the centre of the circle, the engine that fuels all other aspects of our life. Age does not have to be a barrier to sourcing this force. Can you imagine yourself as a sexual sorcerer? What might it look like to leave sexual legacy?

As we expand our experience and understanding of sex we have the possibility to increase our connection with the sexiness in everything.

Join me in rewriting the story about sex and ageing.

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