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I’m Kelly​, a fertility coach, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Educator, Women's Pleasure Coach, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, mother of three beautiful children, wife and lifelong learner. My desire is to help you to understand, reawaken, restore and to truly heal your body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To help you to re-attune to the wisdom of your own unique being and to facilitate healing on a deep level.


Introduction to Couples Massage

Introduction to Couples Massage, is the perfect way to connect with your partner through touch.
Have you every wished that you could give your partner a massage that could actually help them relax, or relive some tension?
Learn new skills, and gain the confidence to give each other a relaxing massage and surrender and trust.

Learn how to tune in and listen as you feel your partners body starting to let go and unwind with the gentle pressure of your touch,
Unwind and deepen your relationship

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