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Kate is a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, ISTA I & II (International School Temple Arts), Master Your Pleasure and Shamanic Womb Graduate, Landmark Graduate, Author and Workshops Facilitator.

She has the training and experience to support you in embodying more pleasure and reclaiming sexual empowerment. Kate is very passionate about empowering people to thrive in love, pleasure, relationships and life!


Regulate and Thrive

Nervous system dysregulation can be the cause of many health issues. If you’re dysregulated, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed, numb or disconnected. You may also experience relationship struggles.

It's important to have somatic tools that support you in bringing the nervous system back into a regulated and calm state. In this workshop you’ll learn the scientific rationale and also the practical exercises. You’ll be equipped with effective somatic practices to transform your life!

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