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I’m a wildly perimenopausal eco-sexual Sex Bodder & Scar Remediation Specialist. A constant theme in my personal & professional life is to unearth & honour the wisdom held within the body. I have a particular interest in supporting people in life transitions.

I work as a touch practitioner, educator & ceremonialist with individuals & groups. Also on a mission bring the often maligned arsehole in from the cold (so to speak) & love supporting folx on their journey towards anal health & pleasure!


Back Door to God: A sacred Celebration of all things Anal.

“Open your ass and your heart and mind will follow” Inspired by Chester Mainard’s vision to create a future where the word arsehole is considered a term of respect. This part ceremony part workshop is full of fun facts & practices to enhance your relationship with your arse & see what you discover! Whether you are an advanced anal player or feel totally disconnected from your arsehole this is an opportunity to meet your anus anew. Bring an offering for the Anal Altar & pillow for your practice.

Cultivating your Etheric Cock: (whether you have one or not)

Regardless whether you have a physical penis or not, we will get playful & explore our energetic cock with breath, movement, sound, touch and a bit of imagination. Come feel for your frenulum, geek out on a bit of dick anatomy and explore what it might be like to cultivate a relationship with your etheric cock.

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