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My name is Juan and I am a Conscious Sexological Bodyworker and an Embodied Counsellor who focuses on the soma, a celebration of pleasure and modelling of non-judgemental curiosity about the experience within the body.

I am passionate about creating a safe, loving, confident, patient and compassionate container where I will be fully present and holding space for you allowing trust and connection with your deepest emotions and also, allowing to explore your own juicy sexuality.

My values are sexual alignment and fulfilment; “Slower is better”; “Embrace the clunky-ness” which I learned from my mentors; and also, conscious sexuality with inner work and embodiment practices.

My vision is to create a world of conscious and healthy sex educated human beings, by bringing the awareness of magic and the power of sexual healing and sexual exploration; to create a world where sex is sacred, encouraged, celebrated and cherished; and to build communities where sexuality is not repressed or shamed.

Love & Blessings


The Art of Being Vulnerable

Art is a form of expression and vulnerability is a feeling so this is aligned with how we allow and express throughout our bodies by finding courage and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in our own vulnerability.

I have the intention to expand the window of tolerance of shame. On one edge of the window of tolerance is connection and on the other edge is shame and how we can push this edge through vulnerability.

According to Brene Brown, "Shame" is really easily understood as a “Fear of Disconnection”: Is there something about me if other people know or see it, that I won’t be worthy of connection?

This workshop is about exploring with curiosity your own vulnerability (shame) by bringing awareness, allowing and being present to your own fears so change, healing, growth and transformation can occur.

I have the intention to use games such as being witnessed while self-touch, eyes closed, eyes opened, setting up an undressing ritual, being witnessed dancing, etc...

This workshop is about exploring your own vulnerability and shame by being present and bringing awareness to your own shadows of not being good enough, brave enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, smart enough, rich enough.

Consent and boundaries will be included and allowed for self-touch or witnessing only.

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