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Jaime-lee Willoughby (they/them) is a queer ceremonialist, somatic sex educator and devotional bodyworker.

Their vision is to support others in feeling safe enough to come home to the innate magic that exists within their body. Jaime-lee understands this magic to be our eros; our life force which holds the keys to all of creation. Jaime-lees transmissions fuse ancient ritualist modalities with modern somatic practices that create deep synergy between your body and soul.


The Sovereign Pussy - A Guided Vulva-Mapping Ritual

I invite you on a journey to reclaim the innate knowing, power and royal frequency that exists within your genitals.
This experience is an opportunity for you to tenderly deep dive into your relationship to your genitals and clear outdated, ancestral debris and rewrite your genital story to one that is anchored in safety, pleasure, magic and uninhibited erotic expansion and expression.
We will traverse through realms of ceremony, anatomical education and sacred perspectives of the Vulva.

Beyond the Gender Binary - An Opportunity for Expansion

What does it mean to exist, to love, to breathe, to move, beyond the confines of the gender binary? This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to experience the expansion that gender fluidity can provide.

Come and experience an educational deep dive into alternative and decolonial perspectives on gender as well as a guided somatic practice to give you the opportunity to explore yourself, your body and your eroticism beyond the Western perspectives of gender.

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