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David has taught erotic embodiment for 7 years and has been a client for more than 10.

He is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and former president of the SSEAA, with special interests in the body-mind, erotic motivators, ethics, mid-life sexual expression and orgasmicity.


Slutterflies: the Ritual

Slutterflies: the Ritual is a two-hour secular, somatic workshop of erotic play and storytelling.

Since the birth of the universe, atoms of stardust have dispersed and come together, through inexorable processes of creation and eroticism, forming and reforming over billions of years.

Now, they come together to form our human, somatic, erotic bodies.
Join us in this transformative experience and emerge empowered with the immortal history of your slutty, infinite self.

Pleasure Is Radical!

Who gets to see themselves as worthy of pleasure? Pleasure is a political act and is inherently radical—we are conditioned to believe that pleasure is frivolous, a nice-to-have rather than a core tenet of our wellbeing and an indicator of our vitality.

This experiential session will unpack systemic oppression through an intersectional lens, highlighting how it affects people, sexuality, and body autonomy while exploring the principles of pleasure activism.

The Temple of Juice

In this workshop, we will experiment with worshiping the body through the medium of a piece of fruit.

Together we will explore body devotion through touch and affirmations, treating a piece of fruit to loving attention as it represents our partner's etheric genitals or other body parts. We culminate in a delicious smearing of our devotional fruit, if desired, over our own and our partner’s bodies.

This is a space to be both worshipful and absurd, embracing the full juiciness of our erotic expression.

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