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Cindra helps open-minded people have fun, playful and easy relationships through better sex and clearer communication. She has been working with couples and individuals for over three years as a Sex Coach and recently graduated from a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork, to offer Vulva (yoni) and Anal Mapping. Cindra presented on the Sex Ed stage and in the Tantra Temple at all three Sexpo Australia events last year, has spoken on countless podcasts about her work (including The Deep with Zoe Ma


Embodied Lap Dance

Learn to seduce yourself and feel empowered in your sensuality! This workshop will teach you why embodied lap dance can be your biggest turn on tool and how to connect to your inner sexy to move in new and fun ways. Don’t be scared, you need absolutely NO dance or movement experience for this workshop. This is all about being in your body and moving in ways that feel sexy and sensual for you! You’ll feel powerful and sexy like you never have before. All bodies welcome.

Awaken Your Sensation

You’re invited on a journey of your sensations, through this liberating and fun movement experience. Feel comfortable and confident to move for you, in ways that feel sensual, enjoyable and juicy. Leave judgement of yourself at the door, you’ll have your eyes closed through this experience, so you are completely dancing and moving for YOU.

Embodied movement is a way of moving that is completely guided from your body, allowing you to follow what feels good. There are not many rules and certainly no rights and wrongs to the movement, you make the journey your own. You absolutely need NO movement experience and all bodies/fitness levels all welcome in this space. You move to your own beat!

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