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Adele Lee has had 8 years' experience as a facilitator and practitioner of various healing arts ranging from mediumship, breath work, sound and energy healing all whilst combining sexology and embodiment work in a private consulting and workshop environment.

She has also gained fulfillment from her experiences with women's circles both private and with Red Tent Australia supporting other women's businesses, workshops and indigenous culture.


Sound Electric Infusion – An Inner & Outer Journey in Sound

Experience your sound electric orgasmic body with Adele. Bathe in Gong and sound instrumental meditation whilst playing with creative embodiment practices. Dive deep into the 6th sense to experience an inner journey of feelings and sensate landscapes, to enter the electric body within a meditational space.

We continue this enticement of aroused/erotic bliss with an outer sensory journey of partnered interplay with instruments and oils for the two auditory and olfactory receptors to awaken into rapturous delight throughout the body, with explorative play. Nakedness is optional.

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