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Good Sex is just like riding a bike – Everyone can learn!

One of the most common questions we get asked when people are considering working

with us or coming along to FEAST, is what is Sexological Bodywork and how can it help me feel more confident about sex.

We love it because it’s a great question and let’s face it….getting practical coaching on sex can sound like a pretty out there thing to do!

It can also feel a bit scary and uncertain particularly in a world where conversations and experiences around sex are often shroud in shame, taboo and trauma.

To help explain a bit, we often say to people, that learning to be a great lover and embrace our sexual confidence is much like learning to ride a bike.

What?! A bike…sex…let us explain a bit more…

Remember back.

Most us learn the skill of bike riding in childhood.

At first, we are pretty wobbly and often afraid of crashing.

I can remember many a scrapped knee and crashing full speed into the concrete barbeque I was so determined to avoid!

Do you have those memories too??

We might have had a parent or older sibling who holds the wheels steady and guides us as

we learn.

They teach us how to press the peddles, keep our balance and cheer us on when we start to

get it on our own.

Our confidence builds as we practice over and over again.

To be a successful bike rider, we needed to feel our feet on the pedals, notice our body and

the flow of motion.

We needed to breath, focus and intend.

We needed to practice over and over, without pressure to get it right.

Once we learnt the skills of bike riding, it lives in our body memory forever.

We can get on a bike now in adulthood, without riding for years, and be able to ride again.

No coaching required.

We might start off a bit wobbly at first but before we know it, we are riding like the wind again.

Learning to be a great lover is all about connecting with and feeling our bodies.

It is about approaching sex with intention and not agenda and practicing new skills and awareness with repetition over time.

It is about slowing down and noticing what feels good.

It is practical and best learnt in a space where we feel supported, welcomed and encouraged.

This is what Sexological Bodywork and FEAST is all about.

Letting go of performance.

Connecting with sensation in the body.

Learning the skills of touch, using breath, sound, movement and awareness.

Overcoming fear and shame in resilient way.

And having a safe, non-judgmental place to practice, explore and learn.

All this at the hands and hearts of our incredible facilitator and support team.

Together, step by step we create a safe and supportive container in which you are invited to connect, explore, learn and grown.

And the good news is that it doesn’t take long at all to start seeing significant change.

That is what we love so much about working with the body.

Clients of Sexological Bodyworkers, walk away with not only the skills to be incredible lovers, but also a tool kit to live a life full of abundant joyful pleasure.

They are turned on and tuned into life forever more.

Are you ready to start intentionally learning how to ride your own wonderful bike?

Join us to begin or become even more masterful.

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