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Julian Jayar is a trained and Certified Somatic Sex Educator presenting workshops at retreats and festivals around Australia and online.

Interested in how being better informed and more embodied can yield significant benefits for mental health, as an educator and speaker willing to share from personal experience, he is engaging, personable and playfully willing to break the ice on topics that can feel awkward.
A professional member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australia (SSEAA).


DIY Erotic Photography: Beyond Selfie Sexting

A nude image can be boudoir, fine art, glamour or porn, so what are the distinctions and where do the lines blur?

Less about titillation and much more about creative suggestion, erotica is artistic, often empowering, playful and humorous but always leaves something to the imagination; the brain being our sexiest organ. Following a brief overview and examples, there will be a guided space and time set up for participants to experiment with erotic imagery alone or partnered.

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