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the wheel of consent


FRIDAY 23rd Feb

A Feast Of Sensation – The Wheel Of Consent

Uma Furman and Deej Juventin

7.00pm - 9.00pm Big Room

An embodied exploration of four modes of touch to expand your experience of sensation and possibility.


We will construct and explore Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent – building a vibrant tool of possibility. Through the Wheel we create a safe container that allows freedom and creativity from which to explore touch.

Getting the most

Getting The Most Out Of FEAST

Greg McGuirk

9.00am - 9.30am Big Room

A short introduction to our Sexological Bodywork approach to learning and some suggestions for how you can get the most out of what we are offering this weekend.

Chaos yoga



9.30am - 11.00am Big Room


Alter//Altar is an ecstatic dance ritual, where we embody the 5 elements of erotic vitality to transcend our everyday state of consciousness and become gods for but a moment.  Discover the secrets of how to get high naturally for free! After this ritual you will feel energized, uplifted and ready for anything. The perfect way to start your sexological day. Get high. Get lost. Recharge. Fuck off.

Breath Body Orgasm Meditation

Breath Body Orgasm Meditation


9.30am - 11.00am Small Room

A guided body meditation using the body's energy centres/ chakras, using circular breathing, movement, touch and sound, building erotic energy and leading to a big draw. (This is based on what Barbara Carellas teaches in ‘Ecstasy is Necessary’.) A yoga mat and towel / sarong required. 

*This is a clothing optional space

Squirt, spurt or Dribble

Squirt, Spurt Or Dribble – Ejaculation Choice For Everyone!

Danniel Shervey & Susan Stark

11.30am - 1.00pm Big Room

Would you like to experience deeper more profound orgasms?  Longer periods of arousal? Ecstatic states of abundant bliss?!!  Who wouldn't, we say!  Regardless of gender, mastering your choice around ejaculation can open wonderful pathways to deeper, more profound pleasure.  If you are facing challenges in this area, or simply want to expand your experiences, this workshop will equip you with some delicious tools and suggestions to get started. 


We will unravel the anatomy of arousal and ejaculation for all genders, explore techniques to heighten or regulate orgasm, and create a space of further exploration.

Please bring a towel or sarong and a yoga mat or similar as well as your pleasure tools.

Devine Pleasure and Pain

Divine Pleasure & Pain

Myola Woods

11.30am - 1.00pm Small Room

Are YOU sick and tired, living with pain, emotional, physical or spiritual? Spend some time honouring and nourishing your divine pleasure and presence within.  We will journey with your pleasure senses, states of being and embodying them for wholeness. 

What would your life be like if you lived it from pleasure? Take steps to break free of the pain paradigm and move and groove into the pleasure paradigm. 




2.15pm - 3.00pm Big Room

Come feast your eyes on this smorgasbord of sex positive performances.  Lounge in the sunshine and be entertained by poets, musicians, burlesque artists, bondage experts and experimental/undefinable performance artists. There is something for everyone at this afternoons show. 

Radical Relating

Radical Relating

Glenn Bailey and Spiral Orbit

3.00pm - 5.00pm Big Room

Experiential workshop exploring intimate relating beyond attraction and gender. Learn to meet another in their uniqueness. Explore consensual intimacy with discernment free of discrimination. Discover intimacy and touch as a gift which can embrace diversity by empowering us to choose consciously how and who we share that with, from a place of ‘being’ rather than social identity. Individual, paired and group activities will be offered to engage through silence, stillness, movement, verbal sharing and consensual touch.

Phallus Pleasuring for Everyone

Phallus Pleasuring

Tanya Koens

3.00pm - 5.00pm Small Room

Whether you own a phallus, have an energetic phallus or like to pleasure phalluses, this workshop promises a fun experience for all.  Better still there may be chocolate!


As a pleasure activist, Tanya is keen to get people talking about sex and pleasure.  In this workshop she will get people talking by using their bodies.  It’s fun, flirty, very sexy as well as educational!  And you don’t have to take your clothes off!


Using breath and intention we will create fun and interactive opportunities to explore phallus pleasuring.  This workshop is a fun way to show you how you can give and receive pleasure in a deliberate and embodied way.

sexy kinky fat


Mista and Irie

5.30pm - 7.30pm Big Room

A playful, hands-on workshop exploring the joys of the fat body and making fat a feature of your fun.


What are the benefits of the fat body in play? How is the fat body different to others for bondage, spanking, impact play and fucking? How can we use mass, folds, creases and curves in creative, beautiful and fun ways?


For those intimately familiar with a fat body as well as those with no experience of one, the workshop aims to develop a deeper appreciation of the fat body and its unique offerings. It offers opportunities to share experiences, fears and questions, and lots of hands-on activity.

*This is a clothing optional space

Creativly Communicating Sex

Creatively Communicating Sex

Spiral Orbit

5.30pm - 7.30pm Small Room

A fun, interactive workshop to deepen learning and insight around embodying authentic consent through creative communication. Experiment with multiple ways to communicate effectively with lovers and partners through diverse vocabulary, tone, volume, facial expression and body language. Practise creatively making, receiving and responding to requests in hypothetical scenarios that build confidence and expand erotic possibilities. 

SUNDAY 25th Feb

Erotic Sunrise

Greg McGuirk

9.00am - 10.30am Big Room

An active embodied meditation for awakening your erotic charge. Bringing the full attention of loving kindness to your body, engaging breath, sound, body movement and compassion. A practice for starting your day with a salutation to Eros. 

We live in an age of chronic distraction and busy-ness. Embodiment is bringing your whole attention to your body and listening for what it wants. This workshop will be as active as your body needs, as erotic as your body desires, and as loving as you can bear.

Body Mind Spirit: redefines

Body Mind Spirit: Redefined

Kim Gotlieb

9.00am - 10.30am Small Room

Taking time to engage in each of these aspects of our humanity in the context of our sexual identity.

  • Body: our visceral  experience of sensation

  • Mind: our meaning-making processes

  • Spirit: the magic that lies just a little beyond our knowing.


A hands-on experiential session exploring different aspects of the ways we experience sexuality, relationship, intimacy and contact.

Mind Blowing Touch

Mind Blowing Touch

MisJif & Georgia Grace

11.00am - 12.30pm Big Room


An engaging and playful workshop that explores a deepening access to pleasure through mind blowing touch. Experiment with multiple ways to touch and be touched by self and others through a variety of embodied interactions (from head to toe!). Practice creatively through breath and touch, as well as giving and receiving pleasure in a way that’s authentically consensual, healthy, powerful and pleasurable. 

Vulvarama Wonderland

Stella Topaz

11.00am - 12.30pm Small Room

Exploring the wonderland of vulvas; for people of all bodies. Come on a vulva wonderland tour; an opportunity to look, learn and explore with peer collaborators who offer a guided tour for the greater good! Be introduced to a wonderful variety of vulvas, meet a cervix or two, and ask questions and share information freely, with a focus on erotic anatomy, pleasure and bodily experiences related to vulvas. We can all benefit from better understandings of our own and each other’s erotic anatomies, whatever the body we inhabit.


This workshop is all about respectful, inquisitive, consensual exploration related to vulvas. For people with a vulva: there will be opportunities to explore your own vulva – through breathing and awareness, sound and movement, touch and sensation, using a mirror, and maybe a speculum. You might choose some, none, or all of these.


You might choose to explore solo, or invite someone to form a pair or small group with you, to collaborate together. Your choice, your pace.

For people without a vulva: after the whole--‐group activities, you may be invited to join a pair or smaller group by people with a vulva, or you may be asked to join activities with the facilitators during that time.


The focus is on providing a lovely space for people with vulvas to freely explore, and for people without vulvas to participate in consensual, collaborative ways.

Come to the Vulvarama Wonderland!

*This is a clothing optional space

Vulvarama wonderland
A Womb for everybody

A Womb For Every Body

Jennifer Lee

1.45pm - 3.15pm Big Room

Unless you are a bird or a reptile reading this, chances are you entered this world via a womb. It is a physical place of immense capability and scientific wonder that houses, nurtures and nourishes human beings before massaging them out into the world. 


But the physical dimension of the womb is just the beginning. The womb is also an intangible place of power and potentiality, a place of creativity and unmanifested magic that goes beyond gender and physical body make-up. Far from being exclusive to those in female bodies, the mystery, power and blinding wisdom of the womb space can be accessed by Every Body. 


Imagine living life and making love from a place of void-like originality, where each step, each touch, each interaction with ourselves and each other, comes from a place of innocent newness, free from pre-conceived expectations or outcomes. This potential for aliveness and radical creativity in life and eroticism is waiting to be unlocked.


Come play with us in this experiential workshop where we will tickle the surface of the boundless and bountiful landscape of a Womb for Every Body.



Electra Amore

3.30pm - 5.30pm Big Room

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn the art of spanking in all its forms and like any

good spanking, Mistress Electra will warm you up with an introduction and lead you through

to a thorough and detailed lesson to achieve a wonderful warm glowing bottom.

A discussion, demonstration and hands on practice (for those willing) will include:

- Making friends with your own hand

- Becoming acquainted with the bottom

- Identifying the body parts to avoid

- The power of breathing

- Spanking positions

- Between the spanks

- Warm up, heated moments and winding down

- Aftercare for both parties involved

- A discussion about the different styles of spankings eg: sensual / erotic, role play,

punishment etc…


This workshop is suited to those who are new, curious, or wishing to enhancing their

existing skills and bottoms who desire a good spanking.


*This is a clothing optional space

love the skin your in

Love The Skin Your In

Rebecca Rose
3.30pm - 5.30pm Small Room

This workshop is about how we love ourselves and what that really means. When we think of touching ourselves, we generally assume it's a sexual kind of touch, but we touch ourselves frequently, every day, with little or no conscious thought. This workshop will look at a different way of touching ourselves, which is somwhere in between those 2. It's a more conscious, thoughtful and nurturing way of touching our bodies. The kind we might like from others, for example, when we feel like a hug.

What might you get out of this workshop?

•       A greater sense of your own value

•       Insight into why other people's touch can sometimes feel irky and what might be behind that

•       Tools that will help you honour and nurture your own needs in an ongoing manner

•       A sense of playfulness and fun around all the ways loving yourself can look

•       Insights from experiences that others may share

The Simple Bliss Orgasmatron

Uma Furman & Deej Juventin

6.00pm - 7.30pm Big Room


An embodied exploration of the anatomy of breath, leading to an ecstatic ritual where we combine distinct rhythms through breath and movement to produce a collective orgasmic organism. 

Simple Bliss orgasmatron
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