Deej Juventin & Uma Furman

Deej and Uma are leading somatic sex educators. Focusing on empowering people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to lead more embodied erotic lives, their work is highly experiential and delivered with safety, heart and integrity. Based in Brisbane, they teach the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork professional training in Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe. They are the directors of the Institute of Somatic Sexology and founding members the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia.

“We are passionate about creating inclusive safe spaces and supporting you in developing skills, capacities, and knowledge that empower you to direct your own erotically embodied life.”

Greg McGuirk

Greg started on his path to embodiment through dance, yoga and meditation. But he found his calling as a sex educator through Body Electric, inspired by witnessing the profound growth and self discovery that can emerge from this work. He has developed as a facilitator with Body Electric including workshops engaging erotic energy, embodiment and BDSM power exchange. Greg worked with Joseph Kramer to develop workshops on erotic ritual and exploring anal touch. His most recent workshops were created for gay men to embrace sex positivity, exploring attitudes, communication, consent, sex skills, and positive approaches to porn and toys. Greg is Certified in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education, and has a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. His practice is Somatic Wisdom located in Canberra.


Cyrus is a Pleasure Artist and Orgasm Facilitator. An expert in the art of touch, Cyrus loves worshipping oily naked bodies and facilitating ecstatic experiences. Fascinated by sex, art and altered states of consciousness, Cyrus is on a life long quest to research how sex can act as a portal to another dimension with no words, no lines, no you, just I. Changing the world, one orgasm at a time.


River has been around the traps for a while now. He dreams of a world where we are free to express our humanity, and to enjoy the pleasure of our life force energy, free from abuses of power over one another and the limitations of fear. His life has flowed over varied terrains: teacher, counsellor, sacred intimate, author, father/ grandfather, lover, learner. He enjoys holding space for others who want to explore new possibilities.

Danniel Shervey & Susan Stark

Danniel Shervey and Susan Stark are Brisbane-based erotic adventurers with a shared passion for consensual erotic community.   Together they founded Celebrating Eros and offer workshops and community experiences that nurture embodied sexual learning, expression and exploration.  They are both Certified Sexological Bodyworkers with a wealth of eclectic life and professional experience. Susan and Danniel are currently President and Vice President of the Somatic Sex Educators' Association of Australasia (SSEAA) and are avidly committed to promoting the value of our profession.  

Myola Woods

Myola Woods, a pioneer with courage who bravely speaks about the things that make most of us uncomfortable. Myola specialises in teaching individuals and couples the art of connection, creating and cultivating the choice of arousal, to deepen intimacy, sensation and pleasure. As a Sexual being, mother of four teenagers and pleasure enthusiast, Myola appreciates the time constraints, daily and social pressures, that can play havoc on our erotic lives. Myola teaches ways to explore and enhance your love making in everyday life. Using techniques and practices that can turn you and your life on.

Myola Woods is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with extensive experience in Education, Bodywork and Energetics.

Spiral Orbit

Spiral Orbit is a Somatic Sex Educator and Transpersonal Therapist with a background in sexual health education and community mental health.  Honouring diversity and each individual’s unique experience, Spiral combines process-oriented practices with embodiment coaching and sex education to help people of any gender or sexual orientation integrate their sexuality and authentic self-expression.

Glenn Bailey

For nearly thirty years Glenn has had a deep interest in self transformation, authentic relating and living the human experience enriched with spirit and from a place of freedom. Meditation, conscious relating, breathwork, bodywork, and somatic sex education inform his work as a Personal Development and Intimacy Coach. Glenn has a strong interest in slowing down intimate engagement as a path of revelation and deepening relationship.

Tanya Koens

A pleasure activist, coach and healer, Tanya is passionate about helping people to talk about and engage with their sexuality and their relationships.  Having trained under some of the best sex and relationship educators in the world, Tanya is undeniably a sex geek and has many modalities to draw on.

Bringing 12 years experience as a clinical counsellor and somatic coaching expertise, Tanya helps people with relationship and sexual issues; trauma; sex coaching; erotic awakening and engagement; embodiment; self-esteem and anxiety.


Tanya is sex positive and pro diversity working across the LGTBQI*, trans, gender fluid, poly and kink communities. She is easy to talk to and provides a safe and non-judgmental space for therapeutic work.


She has a background in trauma having worked as a sexual assault counselor for NSW Rape Crisis Centre and in relationships after working as a Family and Relationships Counsellor for Relationships Australia.


Tanya runs her own practice in Surry Hills and along with an interest in researching she is a passionate workshops presenter, lectures on sexual health, relationships and sex therapy, writes articles and blogs, and is a supervisor for counsellors and sexologists.

Tanya is a regular on Talking Lifestyle Radio with Jono Coleman and David Prior and has appearances on ABC Radio, Triple J, 2 SER

Mista & Irie

Mista and Irie are lovers of all kinds of bodies, having lived in a few versions of their own. They are enthusiastic about the upside that fat enables, and they’ve spent dedicated time coming up with delicious ways to play with fat. They have a deep appreciation for large flesh canvasses. They love. They giggle. They squash. They have parties and hit their friends. They are fat.

Kim Gotlieb

Kim Gotlieb is a Psychotherapist specialising in Sexuality, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Gay & Gender Issues. His work is informed by Process Work and Narrative Therapy, which provide a creative framework to address elements of the body-mind continuum.

His spiritual path infuses the traditions of his Jewish ancestry with Shamanic and Taoist philosophy, which honours his relationship with nature.  He continues to experiment, explore and create new possibilities for himself and his community in relation to sexuality and erotic awakening. 

Georgia Grace

As an educator and intimacy coach, Georgia aims to bring mindfulness to sex and empower people to love their sensuality through intimate, authentic and fun connections with self and other. She offers coaching for individuals, couples, groups and help people to meet or reclaim their sensual identity.


Through mindful, self-directed practice, Georgia teaches a variety of Sexological Bodywork modalities, such as active receiving, genital mapping, embodied pleasure, breath work, scar tissue remediation and Orgasmic Yoga coaching. With direct experiential learning and a client-centered approach, she aims to educate and support people to become more aware of their bodies, sex and sexuality. 


MisJif is a Sex Coach and Sexological Bodyworker based in Sydney’s west. She has been teaching adult education for over 20 years in Australia, the UK and Canada and has studied sexual health at the University of Sydney and Curtin University and is a member of SSEAA. In addition to running her own Coaching practice she volunteers as Secretary for a national charity that advocates for and connects sex workers with people with disability. MisJif runs a monthly adult Sex Education class in Sydney for couples and singles in conjunction with Australia based podcasters, By the Bi. MisJif believes that the world would be a better place if the art of lovemaking was treated with the same reverence as gastronomy; if adding spice to the bedroom was considered a journey and not a destination.  The best recipe for wellbeing involves creating dynamic and intimate relationships. 

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca is a qualified Sexological Bodyworker and Sex Educator, certified through the Institute of Somatic Sexology. Her challenges, explorations and moments of profound connection and joy in her own sexual journey, have led her to work with other individuals, partnerships and groups in their explorations.

Her vision is to create a culture where sex and sexuality are regarded as an integral aspect of each of us and honoured, respected and taught as such. By increasing our knowledge and understanding of our own sexuality, she believes we can better understand our emotional make-up and ourselves as a whole. This then flows into the types of relationships we create, the way we love and how we choose to direct our lives.

Rebecca is available for individual and partnered sessions. She also holds workshops, providing people the opportunity to gather together to learn with, and from, each other.

Jennifer Lee

Jen is a certified somatic sex educator, practitioner of transpersonal bodywork and facilitator of 'embodied living' practices and womb work. She uses a variety of processes and techniques to empower individuals and groups to embody their true essence and potential as human beings. 


Having spent many years immersing herself in experiential practices to awaken her body's wisdom and capacity for sensation and feeling, she now spends her time sharing this knowledge with others, so they can become more fully who they are.


Jen lives amongst the natural abundance of the Blue Mountains, and works with clients there, in Sydney and other locations around Australia upon request. 

Electra Amore

As one of Australia’s accomplished Professional Dominatrices, Mistress Electra Amore® has a depth of experience, knowledge and skills that lead her subjects to submit, surrender and obey, with her Intense, Sensual and Dominant manner.


Traditionally trained at the original House of Domination in Melbourne during the mid 90’s. Her skills and knowledge have come from over two decades of professional and lifestyle indulgence of working in Australia, UK and Europe, establishing a world-renowned reputation.


Reaching a point in her career of wanting to learn more about how the body operates on a sexual level, Mistress Electra dedicated a few years to additional study in Urban Tantra, Somatic Sexology, Like a Pro / Wheel of Consent and Emotional Clearing.


Mistress Electra’s forte is weaving her experiences and studies together, which has enhanced her ability to connect, understand and lead someone into the depth of an embodied and conscious exploration. 

Ably qualifying her to teach the ‘Art of Sensual Spanking’.


Based in Sydney and living her dream as an Independent Dominatrix, Mistress Electra Amore® also tours around Australia conducting sessions, workshops, attending social events and mentoring the next generation of professional fetish sex workers.

Stella Topaz

I am a newly certified Sexological Bodyworker, with over thirty years experience in healthcare and community work. I’m a registered nurse, with qualifications in health counselling, health policy, and sexual and reproductive health. 

I have an affinity for bodywork that celebrates and strengthens us beyond restrictive binaries and imposed roles and structures. I bring my own experiences - and gaps - of living queer, feminist, white and female in the world. Many people live with racism, violence, stigma and discrimination due to policing of ‘non-normative’ bodies, physical attributes and expressions of self. Through sex-bod, as well as personal accountability and activism, I can be part of changing this. We all can be!


I am interested in how we explore sex, pleasure, kink and wellbeing with curiosity, honesty and playfulness, with sound ethics, and kindness to ourselves, and to others.

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