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FEAST 2022 is being held in a lush rain forest retreat in the Border Ranges of Northern NSW.

This venue is situated on 200-acres of vibrant bush land,  surrounded by grassy clearings and a beautiful flowing creek for refreshing swims.

To assist in creating safety for our participants we provide the location name and address after you have booked a ticket.

This venue offers an amazing range of accommodation options
at affordable prices. 
Check out details below.

Twin Share

Our Organiser's Favourite are the Twin Share Rooms.

You can book these rooms with a partner or friend at a "discounted doubles" rate and have the space to yourselves. There are fully equipped bathrooms next door to every room - 1 bathroom between 2 rooms.  These will also be made accessible to some of the campers. You can request the beds be arranged as a queen or two singles.

A single bed can also be booked in these rooms and you can request to be put with a friend who has/will purchase a ticket separately. If booking solo, you will automatically be allocated a roommate.



There are a number of light filled dorm rooms available that have their own internal bathroom, including separate toilet.

Most rooms have a capacity of approximately 10 people however, we will only be booking 5-6 beds in each room so that you have a bit more breathing and luggage space.

There will be Vulva Only and Penis Only dorm rooms. If you would like to be in an allocated room please note this on your booking form. If you don't specify an allocation when booking, we will find you a comfy bed in any of these rooms.  



There are a number of beautiful camp sites surrounding the buildings of the venue.

Campers have access to the Twin Share building bathrooms and depending on numbers there will also be additional portable toilets and showers provided.

Campers are responsible for supplying all gear and bedding necessary to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. 



The name FEAST sets a precedent and we well and truly intend to live up to the name. We recognise that delicious and beautiful meals can offer a special place to connect as community.

All main meals will be included in your ticket price from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. For those booking an extra night on Sunday, dinner and a light breakfast will be included in the fee.

If you have dietary requirements or allergies (including being vegetarian or vegan) then please note them in the relevant place on your booking form, so our caterer can plan the menu suitably.

There will also be tea and snack stations set up around the venue to keep you topped up.

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