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Vida (She/They)

Vida has worked in various areas of the adult field for 15+ years. As a sex professional Vida works one on one with clients who wish to explore their eroticism, whether through kink and slutiness, emotional intimacy, embodiment practice or conscious communication.

Salon Selfie: The art of the erotic auto-portrait

Salon Selfie is a celebration of self-depiction, intended to provide sound technical help, and a deep dive into the embodiment of selfie-snapping. The erotic selfie is peak post-millennial self-expression, a fear-inducing modern courtship ritual, vain indulgence, powerful, shamed, vulnerable, open, and technically tricky! Taking selfies of our own erotic expression, especially to show to others, often comes with loads of baggage from body expectations, shame, culture, racism, ableism, and misogyny. During the Salon, we’ll use The Wheel of Video Consent to explore the shadow sides of selfie expression. We believe it is possible to make our selfies deeply genuine expressions of the erotic self, and that every body deserves to express itself in this way.

Slutterflies: the art of transformative erotic ceremony

During a deeply felt erotic and somatic ceremony, we Slutterflies enter a deep shared cocoon. Through a journey from rock sex, to single-celled arousal, to communal erotic beings, we intend to transform and emerge, sluttified. Through this ritual process, the slutterflies also come to learn an accessible structure for developing delicious erotic ceremonies of their own. The Slutterfly ceremony is secular, somatic, arousing, playful, pleasure-filled, and open to all.

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