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Vanessa Vance (She/Her)

Vanessa is a counsellor and a somatic sex educator currently completing a Masters of Creative Arts Therapies at Murdoch University. She is also a certified Cuddle Party® and Wheel of Consent® facilitator. She runs a somatic and creative therapy practice in the Perth Hills and facilitates various workshops and classes specialising in expressive art, embodiment, intimacy, sexuality, and consent.

She is super passionate about providing opportunities for folks to develop stronger and more positive experiences being in their bodies, to improve their communication and connection with others, and to experience more creativity, power, and freedom as a human being.

Intimate Nature: A Shamanic Journey

A guided solo journey with kindred folk, this workshop invites you to embrace your inner shaman to explore, discover, and receive a gift from the natural world. Together as a group we will slowly walk the land, moving and resting with nature, whilst connecting into our own solo intimate experience. A blend of science, spirituality, and imagination, you will be guided step by step and layer by layer into your own unique process. Finding our way into the intimate spaces between us and the natural world offers an opportunity for reflection, revelation and to receive gifts that can be taken back, applied, and integrated into our everyday lives.
> Please wear loose layered clothes to start.
> There may be nudity. It is welcomed but optional.

Embodied Erotic Poetry

Lip, suck, coddle, restrain…what words describe your erotic experiences? Explore your imaginative erotic edges in this creative poetry workshop. Through a fun and playful guided process, you will discover the language of your unique embodied erotic experience and create a personal poem of your own. You will then have an opportunity to share your poem, if you choose, in a way that feels good for you - embodied expressive poetry readings and experimental performance art highly encouraged! Explore new edges in your creativity and embodied expression in a safe and supported space. You are a poet, and your body knows it!

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