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Stella Topaz (She/Her)

Through sexological bodywork I hope to foster nourishing relationships with one’s self and others where sex, touch, pleasure, play and embodied consent are valued, and all bodies are cherished.

As a queer person, (cis woman, trans-inclusive feminist) much of my work connects to wellbeing for queer-hearted and queer-bodied people, and for people exploring beyond restrictive roles, binaries and social structures. I’m welcoming the beauty of diverse bodies and expressions, and working to decolonise.

I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and facilitator of the Wheel of Consent®, and have been a registered nurse for over thirty-five years, in sexual health, HIV, reproductive health, and LGBTIQA+ health. I work with individuals, couples, thruples and groups; online and in-person.

Come and play… The 3 Minute Game

Whether you know about the Three Minute Game or not, here’s an invitation to come and play! It’s a game so it has simple rules, its time-limited and can be a lot of fun!

The Three Minute Game experiments with asking for what you want, making agreements, and receiving and giving with a full heart for ourselves and others.

Practice hearing and saying an enthusiastic ‘YES’ – and a confident ‘NO’, and noticing and trusting
how these feel in your body.

Touch is welcome but not essential – you don’t have to touch anyone unless you want to. Choosing is more important than doing and this workshop is full of choice!

I’m a big fan of the Three Minute Game - it comes from the work of Dr Betty Martin, who developed the Wheel of Consent®. I welcome you to a workshop of choice, curiosity and playfulness.

Queer Bodies Gathering

An invitation to celebrate your queer body and queerness, in the company of other queer bodies.

Explore queer-centric embodiment practices, witness ourselves and each other in our uniqueness and diversity, and honour our individual and collective queerness.

An opportunity to share some histories and stories, breathe in the present, and ponder intentions and dreams.
Some facilitated activities and heaps of permission to choose how you participate.

‘Queer’ has no single definition; here, it relates to sexuality, gender, bodies and relationships that do not fit dominant norms; connects to LGBTIQA+ people’s experiences and activism; ‘Queer’ is self-

"Queer not as being about who you are having sex with (that can be a dimension of it); but queer as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live." — Bell Hooks

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