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Peter Howie (He/Him)

For over 20 years, I’ve been developing deep learning experiences for adults. I qualified as group therapist and psychodrama director and trainer through the AANZPA system. I have a PhD in how, as humans, we warm-up to new experiences and situations, and how this effects how we learn.

I have 30 years of training, experience, and a practice of working therapeutically with groups and individuals using creative methods such as psychodrama, drama, and interpersonal engagement. I am a qualified Sexological Bodyworker and specialise in sexual communication as it applies between people: helping people to have the impossible conversations.

Love, sex, and communication: buiding on rock

If a problem cannot even be talked about what chance is there of solving it?

This is for people who would like to know how to discuss sex, pleasure, and their erotic health with their significant others and how to engage in ongoing, constructive and loving dialogues. It is for people who would like to become better at discussing sex, eroticism, desire, yearning, touch, preferences, or consent. The focus is not on how to have sex but on how to have better conversations about sex.

We will not focus on sex or sex techniques or practices such as Tantra or the Kama Sutra; rather it is about ways to talk about sex, about information that is necessary to have sensible conversations about sex, explorations of where consent fits, common problems people have talking about sex, and how to deal with shame, discomfort, or anxiety when talking about sex.

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