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Nirvana Pilkington (They)

Coming from a world of movement and touch, Nirvana encourages an embodied approach to all areas of life. They have a passion for creating classes and workshops that assist folks who are tiptoeing their way toward opening up to greater erotic embodiment and have a well established skill of holding space as a teacher for the last 17 years.

Nirvana has also been devoting their energies to the sexuality sector in recent years offering one on one sex coaching sessions and tantric massage. They are also a facilitator in training of the Wheel of Consent.

Through play, curiosity, queerness, their background in embodied movement, as well as being a bodyworker for nearly 30 years, Nirvana hopes to shift the habitual and limited ways we understand sex, sexuality and gender, to create safer, more inclusive communities to expand pleasure in all our erotic lives.

Anal Warrior - Removing the Shame

Butt Play has been getting more attention in recent years but how ready are our bodies to explore. Shame and pain can sit within the sphincters as people carry resonance of society's fears and worries related to this tender relationship. Yet, with patience and care, playing with your arseholes can be our place of joy. This session will offer participants the opportunity to share and witness the stories of their rear ends, witness its beauty, be led with self touch, play and curiosity to develop a sweet, joyous journey to anal pleasuredom.

Queer Play for the Curious

This workshop is designed to foster and celebrate the queer joy and play every body has access to. It aspires to be body positive space where every gender expression, sexuality and body can expand safely. It aims to use imagination, structured play with games, exercises and personal and group explorations to This session is focused on bringing forth every individuals erotic connection through structured play and exploration. Through embodied which operate to remove people from the shame and fear matrix, we aim to allow people to discover their inner queer through play, imagination and exploration using embodiment tools and breaking down individual skills that can be taken to erotic spaces.

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