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Mariah Anne Bouillaut (She)

Mariah is a Somatic Sex Coach and works with all genders. With softness and genuine care, she guides her clients to embody their own definition of sexual liberation using various somatic and touch based approaches through a trauma informed and nervous system centred lens.

As a queer artist and theatre maker, Mariah draws from her own exploration of storytelling and play and applies what she has found in these spaces to the journey towards sexual healing. She loves to facilitate spaces where stories are being shared and the belly laughs are uncontrollable. Her motto is “if you're having fun, deep learning is taking place.”

The Power to Play

When are we going to talk about the fact that sex is how adults play? Can we please bring the "fool" back to fooling around? But make it hot? When we grew up into adults, we became very serious... about ourselves, our work, how we dress. Somewhere along the line, we forgot how to play. Children are very good at this. They haven't forgotten yet. Remember when you were totally free of self consciousness, delightfully living moment to moment with no idea what was going to happen next? When we're playing, we're in a state of flow. We're also deeply connected to our play partners. Apply this mindset and level of embodiment to any sexual encounter and you have a recipe for fun, explorative, pressure free sex. It gets to be fun and easy.

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