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Laura-Doe Harris (She)

Laura-Doe is an award-winning somatic sex educator, comedienne, singer/songwriter and founder of the yOniversity. She works internationally using humour, song and science to help people connect to the wisdom and pleasure within their amazing bodies.

Laura-Doe created the Vulvalicious Cushions, beautiful anatomically accurate art pieces to help educate about the elegant design of the vulva owner’s arousal anatomy. She also wrote and performs a one woman comic cabaret called ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’. Her current projects include The Happy Pelvis Project and an online programme teaching her signature system of pelvic floor wellness practices, yOnilates.

Absolutely Vulvalicious

An entertaining and informative romp through the awesome yet poorly understood hot spots of vulva anatomy… and beyond. We’ll use the yOniversity's sumptuous, anatomically accurate Vulvalicious® cushions to get a felt sense of the orchestra of arousal structures that are standard issue in this exciting terrain. Together we’ll build a walk through pelvis installation to support your fuller understanding of the elegant design of the vulva owner’s pelvis and to further explore how arousal happens. Knowledge is power and laughter is great medicine: by immersing yourself in this interactive experience you’ll be empowered with a potent map of your own or your partners body. With plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, this workshop involves no nudity and is suitable for both vulva owners and vulva lovers.

Genital Hugs: The power of presence

Discover the potency and the eroticism of a 'genital hug'. Much of the touch we give or receive on our genitals is fast paced and geared towards excitation. But there is power and presence in stillness. In this workshop you will be guided to give and to receive the experience of a genital hug: still, present, genital holding with an open heart. Using the power of breath and presence you’ll be invited to turn your attention and intention to holding, listening to, and being with your own or your partner's glorious genitals. Come with an open mind to explore where this may take you. You can come in partnership, pair up at the workshop or hug solo if you prefer. Clothing is optional and consent will be clarified throughout.

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