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Jordana Clark (She/Her)

Jordhana is a Somatic Sexologist and Health Behaviour Change Coach, specialising in Women's Health & Pleasure Coaching. She is passionate about empowering people, particularly Women, in Self-Pleasure as an embodied practice of Self-Love and through that, extending into Self-Care; loving and caring for ourselves as we would our Beloved.

Jordhana’s background in Naturopathy, Yoga and Dance inform her coaching practice and allow for an informed and embodied understanding of our Health & Pleasure journeys. She is deeply inspired by the work of Adrienne Marree Brown’s 'Pleasure Activism', seeing Pleasure as an essential force for change in the world and seeking for ways to “make the revolution irresistible”.

Wake Up to Your Pleasure Body

Pleasure Movement is a practice of self-connection and embodiment to deeply resource the nervous system through the healing benefits of Pleasure.

With intention, we come to the floor, allowing musical alchemy to take us on a journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. With the tools of Touch, Breath, Sound and Movement, we explore the enquiry of "How can I move my body a way that brings me more pleasure?"

Inspiration has been drawn from Adrienne Maree Brown's Pleasure Activism, Michaela Boehm's Non-Linear Movement Method, Ecstatic Dance practices such as Dancing Freedom and the neo-tantric practice of the 5 Elements Massage. Jordhana's unique synthesis of these approaches offers an invitation to connect with the Inner Beloved and experience Pleasure as an embodied practice of Self-Love and Self-Care.

Vitamin P - The Health Benefits of Pleasure

What are the health benefits of Pleasure? What hormones and neurotransmitters are released and what effect do they have on your different body systems? In this workshop we shall explore the latest scientific research and evidence that demonstrates the health benefits of Pleasure, so that your can empower your Pleasure practice with a sound grounding in the knowledge and research of the health benefits of Pleasure.

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