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Deej (He) & Uma (She)

Deej and Uma love creating spaces that are rich in learning, inclusive and safe. Their work is warm, accessible, and full of love and passion.

They are international leaders in the field of embodiment and somatic education, being founding members of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia, and the directors of the Institute of Somatic Sexology. They are highly motivated to install quality somatic learning programs across the planet, and bring together sex positive communities.

The Blow Job Class

Fun Fellatio – Taking the job out of blow job

“An incredibly fun and useful way to spend an afternoon”

This is a fully clothed, yet experiential workshop, where you will:

> wake up the pleasure potential of your mouth
> learn to deepen your connection through oral sex
> practice oral yoga
> develop awareness of the ergonomics of oral sex
> practice being present, focused and relaxed
> learn techniques to get and give much more pleasure

This is for people wanting to give pleasure to extendable body parts, organic or etheric, regardless of the sex, gender or orientation of the receiver.

Opening Workshop: Agreements, Boundaries & Consent

This 2 hour workshop facilitated by Susan, Jordan & Deej will lay the solid foundations for all FEAST attendees to create an amazing festival experience. The intention is to bring everyone in the space onto the same page in a fun, playful and connective way.

This is an invaluable opportunity to connect more closely with everyone else in the space, get to know faces and names and practice communication and awareness tools that will support you throughout the whole weekend - and out in the world beyond the festival.

Whether you’ve done hundreds of boundaries and consent workshops or this is your first one, you may be a total socialite or you may feel nervous about getting your social socks on… whoever you are, however you’re feeling, this space is here to hold you with full acceptance as we open the incredible program of the 2022 Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation.

All FEAST attendees must be present at this workshop to be able to interact in the following 2 day program.

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