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Daniela Ella (She/Her)

Daniela is a Somatic Coach and Certified Somatic Sex Educator who is deeply passionate about supporting people to enrich their relationships, listen deeply to their bodies, and fall in love with themselves.

With qualifications in Sexological Bodywork, Psychology (BA Hons) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Daniela blends this knowledge with her experience in Hakomi Psychotherapy, Dance, Mindfulness, Tantra and Relating to create experiential learning opportunities for individuals, couples and groups.

What's your Sex Style?

Have you ever felt out of sync with a sexual partner? Maybe it frustrates you that their eyes are always closed. Maybe they are into something that’s just not your thing. Perhaps you’re too shy to ask them for what you deeply desire. Join me on a journey of discovery of your primary sexual style, according to psychologist and sex researcher Dr Mosher’s framework. Through experiencing the three styles (erotic trance, partner connection, and expressive play), you will expand your sexual repetoire, learn new communication skills to enhance your bedroom skills, enjoy a broader range of sexual tones and take away some new techniques to enrich your sex life.

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