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Bret Hudson (He/Him)

Bret Hudson (He/him) is a new and passionate Somatic Sexologist from Brisbane. With 20 years experience as an educator, he is an effective communicator, has strong ethical and moral values, is inclusive and brings a level of fun and creativity to his workshops that make them both educational and enjoyable.

Bret specialises in couples’ work and is always looking for new ways to awaken/reawaken intimacy, connection and that unique spark that exists between lovers. His other qualifications include being a kahuna masseur and yoga instructor. Bret also enjoys meditation, travel and nature.


O2 ORGASMS - Breathwork has never been so much fun!

Dance...shake it...meditate and breathe. Change your state!
What is the perfect breath? How do you breathe? How can you enhance your lived experience through breath?

Techniques for self-regulation through breath.

Breathing can be fun. Reawaken your inner child through interactive games and craft.

Learn fun, simple breathing tips and tricks to control anxiety/stress for kids and adults.

Learn to use breath as an aphrodisiac. (Groups, with a partner/s or as an individual)

Mindful Masturbation
Getting the most out of your sensuality and sexuality through breath.

Let go and be in the flow. Connect with source, connect with nature, connect to the divine within.

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