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Becky Porter (She/Her)

An avid student of sexuality for more than 10 years, working as a sex worker drew out Becky’s fascination with human desire and expression. Following ISTA 1 and 2 training, she recognised the importance of healing landing in the body, to anchor in the felt experience to the nervous system.

Most recently Becky has completed her Sexological Bodywork training with the ISS and Stephanie Phillips ‘body whisperer’ training. Becky calls herself a pleasure activist, and lives and breathes her values of shameless, sacred, sexual expression.

Somatic Self Love

We're all told how important it is to love yourself; but how do you actually DO that? Are there parts of yourself which are yet to feel the light of unconditional love shone upon them? This workshop will gently invite you to remember the truth of who you are, to look beyond your accomplishments, your looks, and your identity and come home to your essence. Leave this workshop with some simple practices to continue your journey with creating an unshakable sense of self love, from the inside out.

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