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Alice Child (She/Her)

Alice Child (She/her) is a certified Somatic Sexologist, Educator and Coach. She believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled sex life, and works with individuals, couples and groups to help people enhance their capacity for pleasure and achieve a more fulfilling sex life - whatever that means for them.

Her approach combines coaching, education, mindfulness and embodied therapy, tailoring each session to the needs of the particular client. In 2020, she founded Vulva Dialogues to normalise conversations about sex and empower individuals to learn more about their bodies and sexual health. Vulva Dialogues has brought sex-positive workshops, talks and events to thousands of people globally, working with companies such as Lover, Lucy Lube, NORMAL and Future of Sex.

Connection Games

A fun group workshop where couples (and individuals) will learn and play games designed to enhance intimacy, sex and connection. The games are all designed to appeal to the different ways that we as humans connect; physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.

As well as the games themselves, you will also learn the theory behind the fun. This means you will gain more awareness of what works best for you personally when it comes to building connection, intimacy, arousal and desire.

You will learn:
> Simple and fun games to try with your own partner(s) in and outside the bedroom
> What techniques work for you personally when building connection, intimacy, arousal and desire (even when sex is not on the table)
> A new mindset for approaching moments where you (or a partner) experiences lower sex drive /arousal
> Better sexual communication
> A chance to connect more deeply with fellow festival folk!

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