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Susan FEAST Profile.png

susan stark


I find such joy in coming together with other like-minded embodied human beings. It is the place I come to life and thrive.


In our collaborations, connections and not knowing. In our explorations, discoveries and stepping beyond.


In our stillness, wondering and being. With friends, colleagues, lovers and strangers, I delight in our creations and the togetherness of community. 


There lies within my passion, commitment, and love of FEAST.

For more info on me and my work go to

Jordan FEAST Profile.png

jordan hackett


Community is everything to me!
It is a joy & privilege to create spaces for people to explore & learn about their sexuality in safe and exciting ways.

I am a playful and loving soul. I hold deep respect and care for humans of all identity and walks of life.

I believe that our eroticism (eros) is at the core of our beings and is the gateway to deep authenticity, fulfillment and passionate living.


Learning about and playing with these parts of self in group spaces is a truly transformational process.

For more info on me and my work, got to

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Deej FEAST Profile.png

deej juventin


I am fascinated and empowered by the endless information and learning accessible when paying attention to the living breathing experience of the body – not just the physical organism, but also its connecting to the world around us.


Erotic embodiment has enhanced my life in extraordinary ways, and FEAST feeds my passion for community and education around erotic embodiment.


Come FEAST with us!

For more info on me and my work go to:

I am also the co-director of the Institute of Somatic Sexology:

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